Happy Talk

The English Program Happy Talk is a situational English program that keeps students
entertained with various visuals and activities. Instructor’s feedback provided through both
online and offline allows students to achieve balance among the four key English skills.


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Online English Programs

Eye Level Happy Talk for your practice.

Eye Level Happy Talk is an online program built to help students get things done and mastered from virtually anywhere and on your computer.


01Level  01A  01Unit.
What Is Your Name?


01Level  01A  02Unit.
Who Is This?



What is Happy Talk?

Overall improvement by Listening, speaking, reading and writing



Association study with repetition of
listening and speaking

Expansion of skill with the practice of
writing, grammar and games.


On-line Contents




On-line Contents : Textbook


Listen to and follow along basic conversations that take place in Fairy
Tales. Learn basic expressions with new vocabulary, chants, and games.
Learn basic expressions that take place at schools with peers such as
Introducing oneself, expressing my feelings, taking exams, and etc.
Learn general expressions that may take place at home, such as inviting
Friends, describing my family, doing household chores, and etc.
Learn challenging expressions and grammatical patterns that can be used
in our everyday lives, such as going to an exhibition or a hospital,
purchasing products at a store, and etc.

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Free Trial includes
Level Unit Objective
1 2 Who Is This?
10 What Do You Do in the Morning?
16 Happy Birthday!
25 How Many Cows Are There?
2 5 I Can’t Find Her
10 I’m wearing a Red Shirt
16 June is the Most Important
22 Vacation Plan
3 4 Summer Camp
12 The Best Present
16 That’s Mine
22 I’m Here!
4 5 Don’t Worry!
10 Edward’s Pencil
18 Where Are the Fish?
24 I Can’t Understand
How to Start
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