Blended Learning: More Personalized and Interactive

Blended Learning is a new educational model that has great potential to increase student
achievements, as well as to create exciting, new roles for instructors and parents. The main idea
is to take the best of traditional school and blend it with the transformative power of online
learning. Now, each student can get a more personalized education that meets his or her needs.
Through the blended learning approach, we have created a learning environment that is far
more individualized, interactive, and beneficial for our students.


Eye Level Blended Learning gives you the power and flexibility to master your learning. Sign up to try out Eye Level Blended Learning for 2 weeks at no extra cost.

High Quality Blended Learning with Eye Level




1) Personalized

Personalized for each student. Eye Level programs target the needs of every learner to help fill in their learning gaps.


2) Mastery-based

Students move on and receive credit only after they have mastered the concept.


3) High Expectations

Students are given clearly defined, rigorous standards that prepare them for success in college and their future careers.


4) Self-Directed (Student Ownership)

Students are empowered with the skills, information, and tools necessary to manage their own learning.


Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Eye Level Blended Learning is a combined off/online platform dedicated to giving students the opportunity to learn math and English anywhere and at anytime. All Eye Level students can benefit by studying subjects online, regardless of whether they study in the learning center, at home, or anywhere else.


Analytics, we know your stats

With Eye Level Blended Learning, everything is automatically saved in the cloud. This means that we will remember your study schedule, study history, and test results. Analytics allow instructors to provide more personalized learning experiences. We expose powerful consultation to students and their parents. You get a report about everything you have been learning.


Bring center managers, instructors and parents together

Fast, easy cross-checking is what makes Eye Level Blended Learning unique. Instructors and parents have unprecedented visibility into what their students are learning and doing at Eye Level. Instructors and center directors can access all of their students’ data. You can get a summary of your child’s performance and understand which concepts are problematic. Blended learning empowers instructors by giving them access to the data they should have had for years.