Eye Level English

Eye Level English develops students’ mastery of English language arts skills to meet the
benchmarks as outlined in global standards, including print concepts, phonics and word
recognition, language, comprehension, writing and fluency.

Online English Program

Eye Level English program utilizes the combination of high-quality print materials, one-on-one academic coaching, and the digital platform in order to maximize the benefits of a blended learning environment.

A strengthened focus on phonics development, fluency practice, and targeted grammar exercises help students develop comprehension and improve their internet-based writing abilities. Academic vocabulary words are learned through the vocabulary online activities.

Level B | Booklet 05
Beginning Consonant: H Sound


Level C | Booklet 06
Review (1~5)


Level D | Booklet 05
Ending Consonant Digraphs: -sh, -ch, -th, -ck


Level G | Booklet 05
Fact and Opinion




In each lesson of Eye Level English, various language skill strands are covered to provide comprehensive learning activities for students.

  • reading
  • listening
  • writing
  • speaking


Eye Level English accommodates the new learning trend and adds on digital-based learning aspect on top of its offline learning materials to provide the right activities between the two.

  • - Exposure to reading and listening
  • - Enhance listening skills
  • - Reinforce grammar, vocabulary, fluency
  • - Learn reading and writing strategy
  • - Expand background knowledge
  • - Enhance thinking skills and understanding


  • - Fundamental English Language Arts Skills
  • - Individualized Program that Promotes Self-Directed Learnin
  • - Integrated Skill-based Learning
  • - Accommodation of a Digital-based Learning & Offline Learning Materials

Free Trial Information

Free Trial Information
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Try out this powerful learning program yourself: Eye Level English Blended Learning gives you the power and flexibility to master your learning. Start the Eye Level English Blended Learning for 2-week at no extra cost.

Free Trial Period & Benefits
No Functional Limitations in 2-Week Trial Program

There are no limitations to any Eye Level trial program routine. You can try out the program for 2 weeks as if you have paid for the entire program!

Progress Report & Instructor Comment

Progress Report created during the 2-week trial period will be shared with the learning center you have selected for consultation. Our instructor will provide comments and advise you on your .strengths and weaknesses.

Receive Consultation at the Learning Center

Interested students & parents can visit the nearest Eye Level Center to set up a consultation. Eye Level instructors will recommend an appropriate learning progress based on each student’s “Eye Level” of learning pace.

Free Trial Includes
Level Concepts Included Grade
A Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet K4~K6
C Introduce and recognize ending consonant sounds
E Introduces advanced phonics skills, such as r-controlled vowels, vowel combinations P1
F Introduces three-letter blends, consonant clusters P2
H Provides in-depth focus of text features such as parts of a book, features of informational texts, and print and online research sources P3
I Introduces advanced grammar topics such as verb tenses, irregular verbs, irregular plural nouns, and abstract nouns P4

* The designated grade is the US standard, and you can consider twice in addition to the second grade,
  if you are English Language Learner (English as a Foreign Language).

How to Start
Please contact to your nearest center.